Extended Reach Dozer Platforms

Extended Reach Dozer Platform

Extended Reach Dozer Platforms

Extended Reach Dozer Platform
  • 2.1mL cantilever deck for unimpeded engine bay access
  • Support legs designed to fit under the push arm for extra stability
  • Counterweights under the stairs for a 225kg Safe Working Load (SWL)
  • Covers the entire bay width, eliminating the need to reposition during service
  • 200mm solid rubber castors and machine jacks for easy mobility
  • Specially tailored for servicing D11 and adaptable for D10 or Komatsu 375/475 Dozers
  • Extends beyond the push arm and track for optimal servicing reach
  • Pair of LH and RH platforms for simultaneous access to both sides of the engine bay
Extended Reach Dozer Platform LH
Left side
Extended Reach Dozer Platform RH
Right Side

The Extended Reach Dozer Platform from SafeSmart Access is innovatively designed to afford maintenance teams direct access to dozer engine bays, boosting safety and efficiency.

Dozer engine bay access, is an industry wide issue facing users and operators nation wide. The extended reach platform has been designed to meet servicing requirements, without compromising on the efficiency of the maintenance team. The platform is designed to reach right over the push arm and track, direct to the engine bay, removing the need completely, to step onto the track.

The design allows for access to the bay when either the track frame and blade is removed or when the track and track frame are in place. With a 2.1mL cantilever, the deck has unobstructed access to the engine bay, along with support legs that fit underneath the push arm, for added support. Placed underneath the stair are counterweights, giving the platform a 225kg SWL even on the leading edge of the platform! The platform is designed to cover the entire width of the bay providing maintenance teams with complete access to the area, without having to move the platform during service.

Fitted with the standard ‘SafeSmart’ 200mm solid rubber castors and heavy duty machine jacks, the platforms are designed to be easily relocated by two users. The platforms are provided as a LH and RH combination, to give access to both sides of the engine bay at any one time.

Safety and Efficiency

This unparalleled access is achieved while upholding rigorous safety standards. The platform includes support legs for even distribution of weight under the push arm, paired with counterweights for a robust working load capacity. This ensures that maintenance personnel can operate securely on the platform’s edge without hazards. The addition of solid rubber castors and heavy-duty machine jacks facilitates easy repositioning by a two-person team, optimising workflow and reducing downtime.

Usage Scenarios

  • Regular maintenance and service tasks on D11 dozers
  • Adaptable to fit the dimensions and requirements for D10, Komatsu 375, or Komatsu 475 dozers
  • Any setting requiring a comprehensive and safe solution for dozer engine service access

With the creation of the Extended Reach Dozer Platform, SafeSmart Access delivers a bespoke solution catering specifically to the needs of the heavy machinery industry. This innovative approach to dozer maintenance not only advances safety but also significantly enhances service team efficiency.

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