Branach Ladders

Branach Ladders

Setting the Standard for Safety

Since 1990, this iconic brand, synonymous with electrically-safe fibreglass ladders, has been producing the highest standards in design and manufacturing to all trades, particularly those who work on electrically-live environments. Made in Australia by an Aussie-owned company, Branach ladders exceed American, European and Australian safety standards for portable ‘working at height’ products and have become the first-choice product for electricians, emergency workers and more.


Over the years since its founding, Branach ladders have achieved many significant milestones, including starting a custom design capability in 2002, to the beginnings of exporting in 2009, to being finalist for several awards in 2014 – Good Design Australia, WorkSafe Victoria Safety and the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards due to:

  • Compliant with rigorous safety standards
  • Range from low to high-reach models
  • Equipped with fiberglass construction for electrical safety
  • Fiberglass construction enhances electrical safety
  • Safety-focused design minimises fall risks
  • Height options cater to various industrial needs
  • Easy maneuverability for increased productivity

The integrity of Branach ladders is evident in their compliance with stringent safety standards. By choosing a Branach ladder, industries such as construction, maintenance, and utilities can trust that their workforce is protected by equipment adhering to the highest safety levels.

Portability is a key feature, with design considerations allowing for ease of transport and setup. This, coupled with a range of height options, ensures that tasks at various levels can be completed with confidence and efficiency, significantly reducing setup time and allowing workers to concentrate on the job at hand.

Safety and Efficiency Safety is a cornerstone of Branach ladders. Each step is designed to prevent slips, with secure locking mechanisms ensuring stability. The use of non-conductive materials, like fiberglass, is crucial in environments with a risk of electrical shock, making these ladders particularly valuable for electricians and energy sector workers.

Additionally, the ergonomic design not only enhances user comfort but also promotes productivity by allowing extended use without strain. Meeting or exceeding safety standards, such as those set by OSHA and ANSI, Branach ladders are a sound investment in workforce protection and operational efficiency.


  • Electrical Installations: Electricians benefit from the non-conductive properties of fibreglass, safeguarding against electrical hazards.
  • Building Maintenance: Users can use ladders for cleaning, repairs, or installations at heights because of their reach and stability.
  • Industrial Warehouses: Employees can safely access high shelves and perform inventory tasks confidently, knowing their ladder is dependable.
  • Outdoor Construction: Designed to withstand diverse weather conditions, they are ideal for construction sites where reliability is crucial.


And in 2018, they opened their European head office. With two locations—in Denmark and Romania—they are well-placed to provide EN-certified products throughout the continent.

At SafeSmart, this global expansion aligns with our aspiration to bring a higher level of height access safety to the world via innovation and smart design. That’s why we choose Branach ladders and other products that help those who work in perilously live environments with current protection and the ultimate in stability.

The company’s ‘lean facility’ accommodates a less-than-mass-production ethic and closer scrutiny of the production line, so each unit is visually inspected for approvals before being sent to market. All products are also designed in-house at their headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, too, with close consultation with the trades who use their products every day.

Both lightweight yet extremely strong, these ladders are made from the highest grade of fibreglass for excellent conductivity reduction.

Questions about these market-leading ladders? Talk to SafeSmart now, Australia’s leaders in Reaching New Heights.

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