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The 1st Choice Truck Loading Platform Maker

  • 1657:2018
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End the dangerous clambering up onto trucks during loading/unloading or maintenance. SafeSmart’s truck loading platform options are designed to eliminate fall hazards around trucks and to save time during goods handling. Features a self-closing swing gate at the entrance to the platform, which allows the user to simply push the gate open when accessing the platform, and it will automatically shut behind them.

This system is also great for goods handling around and on other heavy vehicles such as trains and more.

45-degree stair access: much safer and manageable than ladder access, especially when you are carrying equipment. And 220mm-deep, braced stair treads are ridged with an anti-slip tread to make them durable and safe for use in any conditions. Add to this, 200mm locking nylon castors with sealed bearings for longevity. When locked, the castor rotation as well as movement locks, providing platform stability.

Includes forklift sleeves and crane lifting brackets for easy transportation. Crane lifting points are provided as standard; fork sleeves are an optional extra.

Swaged aluminium plate deck for superior grip and drainage, cross-braced frame, 500kg SWL and compliant with AS 1657:2018, and is also NATA tested and approved.

Available in 2m, 4m and 6m length versions, with options such as non-slip fibreglass stair nosing.


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The SafeSmart Difference | SafeSmart Access

This truck platform is a standard model that is popular with transport companies across Australia. We can also custom design and manufacture a system that suits any height, width or shape of prime mover or trailer.

SafeSmart designs and manufactures all custom solutions in-house, through our New Zealand factory and drafting team. All components and systems are deemed compliant to regulations and standards for the region they are delivered to, including Australia.

Contact the Truck Loading Platform Experts

For enquiries about this product, or a truck loading platform from our custom division, get in touch with SafeSmart now.