SYS – UltraRaise

Simplify Your Site 12 – UltraRaise

You need a safe and sturdy way to work at height, but don’t want to spend the money on a custom platform system. Other height access systems, like scaffolds, are either not adjustable enough or too bulky and expensive.

The UltraRaise is the perfect solution. With a massive height adjustment range, it can be used for a variety of tasks in various settings.

It’s also compact and mobile, making it easy to deploy and use in tight workshops.

Plus, the 700mm clear cantilever allows you to work safely at any height.

Available in either a 7 or 10-step platform height with 3 access configurations, a looped guardrail attachment option, and a bridging segment option depending on your needs.

If you work in transport, mining, aviation, or anywhere where vehicle maintenance is on-going, you need an UltraRaise.

The UltraRaise is the most versatile and affordable off-the-shelf height adjustable platform system available.

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