Keeping cool with SafeSmart Access

BRM Refrigeration is renowned for their servicing of refrigerated truck, trailer and container refrigeration in North West Tasmania. They constantly require access to mobile cooling units on the truck bodies, above the cab, on a range of trucks.

BRM reached out to SafeSmart access to solve their challenge. There was space restriction beside the trucks, in the workshop, and the broad range of trucks required to be serviced.

SafeSmart Access designed & developed a 3.5mH x 1.9mW x 3.6mL mobile, hand winching height adjustable platform, that cantilevered over the truck bodies to get to the cooling units. The height adjustment capability is 1.2m ranging between 2.3m – 3.5m.

SafeSmart’s in-house design team 3D modelled the platform on the various truck bodies and fit tested to ensure a safe and effective solution, prior to manufacture.

The large cantilever and fast adjustment (though manual winch) meant the platform could be configured very quickly and safely by one person and moved into place over the corresponding truck body. Additionally, the platform was designed to ensure that the frame didn’t protrude into other workshop bays beside the truck – for efficient use of workshop space.

SafeSmart now has the Height Adjustable Truck Body Access Platform product added to their Custom category on their Australian website, with more specification details, as a reference for truck manufacturers who may have similar applications.

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