Superior Viewing with Innovative Edge Protection Posts

When it comes to large construction and infrastructure projects, the use of Edge Protection around leading edges is fundamental to ensure worker safety and prevent devastating injury. 

The Hanging Problem

Earlier in the project, Site management identified that there was a risk of objects falling from heights into the excavation, and appropriately utilised our 2mH AdaptaPanel Edge protection around on their capping beam. Once the overhead gantry cranes were installed and operational, the viewing platforms that were provided for the crane operator only had 1mH edge protection installed and obstructed vision into the excavation site below. 

  1. As excavation proceeded deeper into the box, the overhead crane operator did not have 100% visibility into the excavation when operating the crane.


  2. Fall from heights was a major risk when crane operators would lean over for greater visibility when performing their day to day activities.

It’s critical to have a clear view, as transporting materials into the designated landing area within the box was crucial to the construction process. Crane operators were seen leaning over the 1mH balcony, looking down into the 30m deep excavation site to get a better viewing angle. This was identified as a fall hazard by safety officers and prompted the team to search for a safer and more practical alternative.

Introducing: The AdaptaPanel Cranked Post

Due to the overwhelming positive feedback and success with the 2mH AdaptaPanel edge protection that SafeSmart previously supplied, site managers reached out to SafeSmart Access for a cantilevered edge protection solution. Representatives from SafeSmart promptly met with engineers from the site and together collaborated potential ideas and drawing iterations of possible edge protection systems. 

These ideas were then relayed back to our temporary works teams who designed and engineered the 45-degree Cranked Post. The  Post allowed crane operators to look over into the station box, with a compliant cantilevered edge protection in front of them, eliminating the risk of falling. This system complies to the Metro site standard of minimum 1.8mH edge protection and relevant Australian standards of AS 4994 & AS 1657.  

The Solution

  1. Collaborative discussion on site with project engineers and SafeSmart representatives to design a cantilevered edge protection solution. Proposed designs submitted to SafeSmart’s temporary works design team to engineer a compliant Cantilevered edge protection.


  2. SafeSmart’s Temporary works team engineered a 45-degree cranked edge protection post that utilises standard AdaptaPanel Panels. The Cranked post allows crane operators to look over into the station box with a compliant cantilevered edge protection in front of them, eliminating the risk of falls from heights. Enquire about our other edge protection for sale.

The Cranking Result

The engineering feat allowed crane operators to expedite their work processes and enhance safety when performing tasks that with traditional equipment would pose to be a safety risk. Alternative products were cemented in unimaginative and customary forms of installation, AdaptaPanel is adaptability is ever-evolving with the needs of the market.

This circles back to our no-one-size-fits-all model. At SafeSmart our pursuit of continuous innovation is boundless as we strive to Reach New Heights, the result, a safer and more efficient worksite for your industry.


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