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For Rock Breaker Noise Reduction

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Hushtec Excavator Attachment

This was developed to mitigate the hammer noise generated within rock breaker attachments. And in combination with our acoustic panelling, you have a comprehensive system to reduce noise on site so you can get more working hours out of the day and comply with local regulations.

  • * 5-minute install time.
  • * Custom-manufactured to suit various attachments ranging from 5-20T + in size.
  • * Fire-retardant, water-resistant.
  • * Ripstop PVC coating for additional strength.
  • * Made from STC26 certified MLV coupled with 50mm fire rated NRC0.9 polyester (35kg M3). (RW27).
  • * Up to 20dB noise reduction.
  • * Mesh backing.
  • * 100mm Velcro overlaps to ensure 100% noise barrier and minimal noise leakage points.

Preliminary field testing has shown a max reduction of 13dBA when measured at an 8 metre distance from the rock breaker. Although there are many different types of rock breakers available, we are seeing a 7-13 dB reduction when using our RW27 Hushtec custom-fitted attachment ,which is a very noticeable change in SPL to the human ear.

Hushtec Excavator Attachment

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