How the Cantilevered Hoop Guardrail Platform is Changing Safety in the Rail Industry

Maintaining locomotives is a difficult and challenging task. There are many parts and pieces that need to be checked and serviced on a regular basis, often in difficult-to-reach places. But Safesmart Access were tasked to change this.

Typically, maintenance of locomotives requires people to use harnesses and ladders. This can be dangerous for workers, who are at risk of falling off the ladder as they lean or if a fall does happen with a harness it arrests the fall but there can still be injuries. Personnel must be rescued within 15 minutes of a fall, this can be difficult in hard to reach areas of workshops, meaning a decent rescue plan needs to be in place.

Aurizon decided that they needed a better more efficient way to carry out this kind of maintenance with minimal disruption and distraction for their highly-trained staff who maintain locomotives every day. They wanted an access system that would enable them to maintain parts on top of locomotives, making sure that it was safe for staff to navigate across the roof of locomotives without having to use ladders, harnesses or scaffolding.

They turned to Safesmart Access for a solution.

Safesmart designed and manufactured a way for workers to safely access areas they would not be able otherwise. The innovative Cantilevered Hoop Guardrail Platform was design and manufactured to suit the task at hand. The platform consists of a 1 m2 cantilevered platform, and full surround guardrails both top and mid aided by a telescopic support that rests on the Locomotive roof.

Workshop mechanics can easily push the lightweight aluminium rolling platform to the side of the train, deploy the wind down jacks, and are ready to scale the 70 degree access. Once up top, mechanics go through a lift-up gate onto the platform then the step-through gate to access the locomotive roof. Now situated atop the locomotive, large hooped rails extending from the cantilevered platform encase maintenance personnel while they undertake their work.

The Cantilevered Hoop Guardrail Platform offers a number of benefits to Aurizon:

  • – First and foremost, it is a much safer way for workers to access the top of locomotives. There is no need for them to use harnesses, ladders or scaffolding, which can be dangerous.
  • – It is also a more efficient way to carry out maintenance work. Workers can now easily reach all parts of the locomotive, including drop gauges, without having to move around on ladders or scaffolding.
  • – The platform is also very versatile and can be adapted to fit any locomotive in their workshop.

Aurizon has been very pleased with the Cantilevered Hoop Guardrail Platform and has seen a significant improvement in safety and efficiency when performing maintenance on locomotives.

Cantilevered Hoop Guardrail Platform

The Cantilevered Hoop Guardrail Platform is a versatile and efficient way to provide access to top of locomotives for maintenance work. Throughout the transport industry, Safesmart Access has developed many variants of the platform including:

  • – The standard Hoop Guardrail Platform with 200mm lockable castors for automotive, locomotive, and heavy plant.
  • – Height Adjustable Platform with Loop Guardrails perfect for access to HVAC and Pantographs, with a comfortable 45 degree stair for transporting tools back and forth with ease.
  • – The Drop Gauge Access Platform, Aurizon’s choice of looped guardrail platform available in a straight or a 90 degree configuration.

Safesmart Access has worked with clients across the transport industry including CAF, Alstom, Pacific National, and Yarra Trams to name a few. The Cantilevered Hoop Guardrail Platform is just one of many that we have developed to meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

Safesmart Access is a versatile and agile company focused on providing client based solutions for their unique needs wherever they work. Safesmart Access can custom design and manufacture platforms to meet the specific needs of their clients. With a wide range of platform options that can be adapted to fit any working environment with their team of designers and technical staff.

Whether you need an off-the-shelf solution, a custom platform, or modifications to the Hoop Guardrail Platform, the team at Safesmart Access are transport industry experts are ready to assist you in meeting your needs. Contact us to reach new heights.

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