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Access to a range of trains and track mounted machines

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Height Adjustable Train Access Platform Kit

This kit was originally designed as a variation concept to our Bridgedeck system. It was designed to be used across a broad range of trains & track mounted machines.

*The kit consists of 2 x height adjustable cantilevered platforms, and a joining bridge between the two.

*Designed as a kit to give the maximum access capability from one platform.

*The base platforms adjust from 2.8 - 4.2mH, and can be used independently at any height within that range.

*The joining bridge connects either to the end or the sides of the base platforms, allowing the users to set it up around different machines as required.

*Height Adjustment: 2.8 - 4.2mH. Cantilever Length 0.75m. Joining bridge length 2m.

*The kit vastly improved efficiency and safety to work procedures, over against the scaffold and ladders that were previously used.

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Height Adjustable Train Access Platform Kit

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