Edge Protection for Buildcorp’s Cross Laminated Timber Structures

Working with timber structures pose unique challenges. The Bond project was a first of its kind for Buildcorp, the worksite managers were in desperate need of compliant edge protection system which could be installed into the large CLT beams.

Building towards a Sustainable Future

The built environment accounts for nearly 50 percent of all carbon emissions, with steel and concrete being staple materials use for construction. However, both these materials account for more than 13 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions due to the high amounts of embedded carbon.

Timber is becoming more prominent in construction projects due to its versatility, aesthetic, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Wood is a 100% natural and renewable resource and stores carbon for life, unlike concrete and metals wood can be regrown.

The Root of the Problem

During the construction process, timber can pose various unique challenge when compared to traditional materials such as concrete and steel. SafeSmart Access were approached by the Buildcorp site team who are working on the iconic ‘The Bond Project’ located in Bella Vista, NSW. Buildcorp were looking to acquire a compliant edge protection system that could be incorporated into Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) structures, providing safe access on each level of the building during the build and fit-out stage of the project.

This project was a first of its kind for Buildcorp and required delicate planning due to the complexities of importing prefabricated timber from Austria and erecting these beams on the construction site. The Cross laminated timber (CLT) presented a unique problem when it came to installing complaint edge protection systems, due to the substantial difference in pull out strength between a typical concrete slab and that of timber substrate, therefore special fixings are required to achieve compliance.

The Solution

Buildcorp were working along a strict deadline, to ensure the delivery of the project. SafeSmart worked closely with the team onsite for a viable solution utilising SafeSmart’s market-leading edge protection scaffolding system AdaptaPanel.

Despite the tight deadline, SafeSmart’s in-house engineering team responded swiftly, providing an off the shelf solution paired with HDC-P/HDC-C timber construction screws supplied by AllFasteners. SafeSmart dramatically reduced downtime and ensured Buildcorp had a compliant handrail system, which met all deflection load requirements and relevant AS 4994 & AS 1657 Australian Standards.

The success of the Buildcorp edge protection installation on ‘The Bond’ Project showcases the effectiveness of combining innovative solutions such as AdaptaPanel edge protection and specialised timber construction screws. At SafeSmart there is no one-size-fits-all model, we tailor solutions to the needs of the civil and infrastructure industries, resulting in a safer and more efficient worksite.


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