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Safe Access to Cooling Units

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Height Adjustable Truck Body Access Platform

In this example, our client needed to access to mobile cooling units on the truck bodies, above the cab, on a range of trucks.

SafeSmart took specifications and measurements of the product, assess the surrounding area for dangers and to create a product with the appropriate footprint, and then designed and built this platform.

This 3.5mH x 1.9mW x 3.6mL mobile, hand winching height adjustable platform cantilevered over the truck bodies so that personnel could get to the cooling units. The height adjustment capability is 1.2m ranging between 2.3m - 3.5m

The platform has been designed to ensure that the frame doesn't protrude into other workshop bays beside the truck - for efficient use of workshop space.

The large cantilever and fast adjustment with a manual winch meant the platform could be configured very quickly and safely by one person, and moved into place over the corresponding truck body.

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SafeSmart Access has designed and manufactured many other systems like this and offer a range of ongoing products for the rail manufacturing and maintenance industries. Feel free to contact us here to discuss similar projects.

Height Adjustable Truck Body Access Platform

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