Chemicals Manufacturer gets safety on top of Isotainer

One of our Australian-based clients, a diversified chemicals manufacturer specialising in bulk liquid storage, required safe access on top of an Isotainer. Scaffolding was too consuming and costly to erect every time the workers required access to the Isotainer.

The client approached Australian-based custom height access supplier SafeSmart Access for a solution. SafeSmart Access designed and built a custom loop guardrail platform with marine grade aluminium, 3 rail loop guardrail, height adjustable posts to support guardrail and perforated deck. The platform was measured perfectly to align at the top of the isotainer. It fitted like a glove into a tight space.

The client experienced instant efficiency improvements on site. Access and Edge Protection Rolled into one.

SafeSmart now has the product added to their Custom category on their Australian website, with more specification details, as a reference for global chemical manufacturers who may have similar applications.

This custom loop guardrail platform is made in New Zealand from marine grade aluminium, compliant with AS/NZS 1657 : 2018 and ready to ship to anywhere in Australia.

Enquiries? Ask SafeSmart now.

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