Case Study: Keeping Workers Safe from Above


Design and installation of an 80mL overhead protection walkway to shield contractors from falling boulders and rock debris. The client specified the requirement for the walkway to be 10kPa rated to ensure maximum protection.

Addressing the suitability of the 10kPa static design loading, given the dynamic impact energy from falling rocks, was key in finalising design requirements.


A system was devised using SafeSmart’s Proscaf system, consisting of load bearing braces, heavy duty standards, load bearing bridging ledgers and rated scaffold planks.

In designing the roof to optimise impact energy, the stiffness of the roof system had to be considered; we wanted to avoid the roof acting as a spring to dissipate the energy, possibly flinging debris onto the road or passing equipment traffic as a consequence. Coupled with the Proscaf setup, a form of rock fall prevention netting was also required at the toe of the rock face to collect the rocks before they roll onto the walkway.


A safe and highly efficient progressive installation methodology was achieved. The versatility of the Proscaf scaffolding allowed the walkway to be constructed within hours ensuring that the site work could progress with little to no interruption.

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