Adaptapanel: Full Height Capping Beam Edge Protection

Deep excavation works on site can be an extremely dangerous period for workers not only from falls above, but also objects falling from the edge presents risks to personnel below.

Recently, a client required edge protection along a large working face of a basement deep excavation area. As the terrain differed in height, the capping beam also had variances throughout the basement work area. Installing 1 metre high edge protection panels would not provide adequate protection for the basement excavation.

SafeSmart Access’ solution was to provide AdaptaPanel, the temporary works edge protection system that can be easily modified in height. Throughout the working face of the excavation, 1 meter through to 3 meter in height AdaptaPanels were installed horizontally and vertically. Thus, a consistent barrier between site personnel and deep excavations was maintained.

The AdaptaPanel system can be easily bolted to the support surface for fast and simple installation. Multiple post options are available, with 1m, 1.5m, 2m, and 3m height variations that vertically slot securely into each other. 65x65mm posts are as standard to the AdaptaPanel system for complete compliance to AS4994.1.

Now with complete capping beam edge protection, the site crew was impressed by the simplicity of installation, security, and quality of the system. Meeting site safety requirements, they stated they would definitely utilise the technology in future applications.

At SafeSmart Access, our belief is that height safety and easy to use components do not need to be mutually exclusive. Our combined experience & technical expertise for height safety in the construction industry allows us to empower our clients to reach new heights. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you to overcome your access challenges.

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