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Eliminate Reo Mesh Tripping Hazards

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Formwork Stepover Platforms

Workers’ feet slipping through reinforcement squares, or are they presented with a tripping hazard? When working over exposed reo before concrete is poured, workers need to gain access across it to work on the installation of pipes and other utility features.

Save time, injury and money on these tasks by helping contractors to quickly and safely walk across the reo area. SafeSmart’s Formwork Stepover Bridge helps to eliminate reo mesh tripping hazards, and provides a wide and stable area from which to work, over any point of a slab build.

These platforms are made from lightweight yet strong aluminium and are stackable for easy multi-system storage. And fixed legs with baseplates securely anchor to the formwork deck.

A hefty 225kg (496lb) weight rating means that tools can be carried safely along with the weight of the worker. The example shown here is 600W x 3000mm L x 400mm H, however SafeSmart can custom design it to any requirements.

  • - Safe, Fast, Easy Access Over Clustered Formwork Decks
  • - No More Trip Hazards From Exposed Reinforcement
  • - Stackable For Storage
  • - Fixed Legs With Baseplates To Anchor To Formwork Deck
Formwork Stepover Platforms

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