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Float Deck

  • 1657:2018
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Float Deck

Originally designed for a client who not only needed to reach certain heights for maintenance, but also had to get around protruding objects on the wall.

To get the worker to height safely, and close enough to the work area without having to lean or overreach, SafeSmart designed and manufactured this float deck.

Made from welded high-tensile aluminium, this unit extended to three-times its base height with a smooth manual winch, and the cantilever design and support castors allow a balanced, stable and effective reach around protruding obstacles.

Any cantilevering-type system like this can be custom designed to suit your needs, and to comply with regulations and standards in your region and industry. To talk pricing or ask any questions about your access challenges, click ‘Enquire’ or ‘Add to Quote’ now.

Float Deck

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