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Double Width Portable Stairs

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AdjustaStairs Double

With all the same features as our single-width AdjustaStairs, these stairs bring added efficiency and safety to the worksite. Excellent for temporary batter access, access into pits, trenches, deep excavations, and between multi-level construction floors, these stairs can be pitched at a great variance of angles, whilst still providing a flat surface for feet to stand on, thanks to the self-levelling treads.

At 1200mm in width, these AdjustaStairs allow two-way access and egress, so workers are not waiting at either end for another person to finish scaling the system. And a hefty weight rating of 500kg, and a big truss underneath, allows these multiple workers to be safely carrying tools with their spare hand.

For use at multiple locations, the hand rails easily fold down, and the whole system can be carried and redeployed by only two people.

Double-width AdjustaStairs are also craneable, for lowering them into tighter spaces or over walls and partitions.

Compliant with AS/NZS 1576 : 2010 and made in New Zealand.

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AdjustaStairs Double

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