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Crane Access Bridge

  • 1657:2018
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Crane Access Bridge

For crane access from higher up the construction project, our client (Barangaroo Project) needed a bridge that would not only be safe and efficient, but also be able to be craned to different floors.

SafeSmart designed and manufactured this Crane Access Bridge, featuring lifting points for craning, high-grade aluminium construction and winching height, and SafeSmart’s unique hinged, spring-loaded fixing brackets to accommodate any movement or swaying of the crane whilst the bridge is deployed.

Additionally, SafeSmart incorporated a lockable ramp and gate at each end of the bridge to prevent unauthorised access. And mesh sides create operator safety whilst maintain visibility.

300kg weight rating, and compliant to AS 1657:2018. To talk pricing or ask any questions about your access challenges, click ‘Enquire’ or ‘Add to Quote’ now.

Crane Access Bridge

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