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The Premium Post and Panel Edge Protection System

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SafeSmart Access in Sydney was approached by a client who needed a more semi-permanent edge protection during an excavation. We developed this system, now dubbed AdaptaPanel.

This system features a heavy-duty framed panel arrangement to withstand harsh site conditions, as well as slide-in panels for easy modular disassembly and redeployment at another site. The posts bolt to the slab edge, creating a stronger structure than traditional ‘scaffolding’-type edge protection.

Sliding safety latches prevent panels from accidentally lifting off, and the system is designed to comply to relevant design load requirements.

Full height and half height panels combine to make a 1m to 3m high panel. When looking for Australia's leading post and panel edge protection system, look for AdaptaPanel.

* Temporary and semi-permanent slab edge protection.

* Optional coated finishes include galvanised and several powder coat colours for brand identification.
* Available in multiple sizes.
* AdaptaPanels are ideal for high rise construction and to assist with PEZ (Perimeter Exclusion Zone).
* Panels may be stacked for easy storage and transportation.

This system is designed to meet relevant design and load requirements of AS4994.1:2009 and AS1657 : 2018.


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