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Steel Scaffolding from Proscaf, Australia's Robust Solution

Sometimes a construction job requires a sturdier platform than usual for working at a greater height. Whilst aluminium scaffolding is a great lightweight and economical solution, building above a certain height needs a stronger framework for safety and stability. And with site timeframe constraints, contractors cannot waste time on tricky assembly and tearing-down of steel scaffolding. SafeSmart Access have the answer – Proscaf.

The Proscaf Ringlock steel scaffolding system is one of the most versatile and easy to use systems available. Simple instructions, minimal components and bolt-free connections make Proscaf easy enough to put together single-handedly. With a range of accessories to complement this convenient yet durable steel scaffolding system, SafeSmart Access ensures that every customer has the tools they require to get the job done.

Unique Componentry for a Unified Solution

SafeSmart Access understands that not all buildings are the same shape and size. You need to erect scaffolding to suit different external wall and roof heights, and you need to be able to specially-assemble it for getting over and around obstacles. That's why SafeSmart Access makes each component in the Proscaf range available separately, so your steel scaffolding solution is flexible for different configurations.

Proscaf scaffolding is also sold in New Zealand, so whether you're a Kiwi or Aussie contractor, you can rest assured that you have local after sales support and advice at hand. The Proscaf Advantage: See Why Australia's Contractors Are Making the Switch

  • Proscaf locks together to create craneable towers and sections
  • VERY strong – able to create bridges and large cantilevers
  • Added strength makes it ideal for propping and for use in formwork


For projects that require greater height than is recommended for aluminium scaffoldings, our range of steel scaffolding and accessories are perfectly suited for the following applications:

  • Multi-storey buildings
  • Birdcage scaffolding
  • Bridge building
  • Residential projects

Ask about SafeSmart's Proscaf Steel Scaffolding

For more information on all of our mobile scaffolding systems, including options in steel and aluminium scaffolding, get in touch with a company representative from SafeSmart Access today. We also have complementary equipment such as mobile work platforms and edge protection systems to give your team the tools for a safe, more efficient and productive worksite.